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Dispatch 3 | The Homeless Face Starvation Deaths in Delhi

Dispatch 3 | The Homeless Face Starvation Deaths in Delhi

For the third video in the “StoriesAsia’s Caravan” series, our reporters traced homeless people, who are being driven out from the streets of Delhi.  This happened after a 21-day curfew-like lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak that brought the populous Indian nation of 1.3 billion people to a total standstill. 

The homeless have found refuge on the banks of the river Yamuna which is also home to one of the largest slums in Delhi. However, with little or no food available and a shortage of clean drinking water, their healthcare situation is deteriorating fast. With the circumstances unlikely to improve anytime soon, the most vulnerable in this developing crisis face almost certain starvation.

* “On the Road” is a new series by StoriesAsia on the Coronavirus outbreak where we bring you stories that help you respond to this ongoing historic pandemic. Using their vehicles, StoriesAsia journalists will travel around to bring you stories of not just pain and suffering but also healing and heroism.

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